Error when starting dll and how to fix dll errors?

In order to fix the dll error, it is important for us to know which library is missing and which component of the operating system is responsible for its availability.
For error correction I propose a list of popular DLL errors:

File not found: dxgi.*, d3dx9_25.*, d3d11.*, d3dx9.*, d3dx9_43.*, d3dx10_43.*, d3dx9_26.*, d3dx9_30.*, d3dx9_27.*, d3dx11_43.*, d3dcompiler_43.*, d3d10.*, xinput1_3.*, d3dx9_31.*, xinput1_2.*, d3dx9_31.*, d3dx9_34.*, d3dx9_42.*, x3daudio1_7.*, x3daudio1_6.*, xrsound.*
Download, install, update the components of DirectX

File not found xlive.*
There is no Game for Windows Live component, you need to download and install this service

Not found steam_api.*
Install Steam Service

Running the program is impossible so there are no files: msvcr90.*, msvcr110.*, msvcr100.*, msvcr80.*, msvcr120.*, msvcrt.*, msvcr71.*, msvcrt.*, msvcp120.*, msvcp110.*
To fix this error, download, install Microsoft Visual C++

Entry point not found, uplay_r1_loader.*, Uplay.exe, uplay_ach_earnAchievement, uplay.*, ubiorbitapi_r2_loader.*
Download, install Ubisoft Game Launcher (if it does not exist), update Microsoft .NET Framework

You can not start the program because the computer does not exist physxcudart_20.*, physxloader.*, and others physx…*
Download, install PhysX System Software

If the error is not corrected then you can download all the DLLs in the directory, use the site search. There are many simple instructions for correcting the error.